mindFLUX: a film about Richard Foreman

January 2010

mindFLUX explores the creative universe of Richard Foreman. The documentary captures the essence of his motivation, artistic vision, creative process and rise to prominence within the Soho arts community during the 1970s. This fascinating artist courageously bypassed rewards of commercial success to become his generation’s pre-eminent experimental playwright.

Ride5 Media Group interviewed over 50 prominent actors, composers, filmmakers and others in the creative arts community. All those interviewed talk from the depth of their experience and passion about how Foreman influenced them as they also pushed past barriers to realize their artistic dreams.

The film is an engaging visual experience that includes motion graphics and animation. New footage is supplemented by unreleased archive material from several university libraries & personal collections around the world. Music includes an original score, tracks from Foreman’s plays and a rare music video he directed in ’85.


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