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“One may dream of a culture where everyone bursts into laughter when someone says: this is true, this is real.”
– Jean Baudrillard


What is Culture? How do we make it? And what can the stories of why and how we create teach us?

My working life has been spent exploring those questions. Whether interviewing rockers-turned-authors, reviewing historic feminist novels, or exploring global food rituals, my work is infused with a beginner’s curiosity.

I want to know what drives, inspires, and informs culture makers, both in and outside the mainstream.

I live in Philadelphia, where I recently completed an MFA in Creative Writing after a decade as a writer and editor. My work has been published in Flaunt, GOODBitch, Curve, The Oregonian, Citysearch, and Culinate, among others. Additionally, I work with private clients and small businesses to extract, expand, and refine their narratives–an essential element of any business or creative endeavor.